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Official confirmation that the Marathon des Sables is achievable without being able to run and surviving on a daily ration of 4 Pepperamis, 3 cereal bars, shortbread, nuts and coffee sweets…

The very sandy and very hot (50C+ in the sun) 150+ miles took me just under 55 hours and officially I finished 864th out of 1250 starters, ahead of the Japanese man dressed as a cow, the ex soldier with no legs, the oldest Briton (75) to complete and possibly the first person to finish in long trousers; but well behind the winner.


About markdicksontravelandphotography

I’m a travel and adventure sports enthusiast, working as a travel writer and photographer. My most recent climbing expedition was a successful summit of Everest from the Tibetan side. http://markdicksontravelandphotography.com
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